Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fitness Center Closure

The town government has decided to close down permanently the fitness center at the Town Centre. Consider me shocked. This is a real cut that is based upon the truth that it did serve a purpose at one time, but it now is time for it to be let go. This might be just the first of many such surprises.

Town of Smyrna - Fitness Center Closure
The administration of the Town of Smyrna is tasked with continually analyzing the different departments of the local government in order to seek out new and innovative means to ensure the most cost effective services. As part of this evaluation, the administration has determined that with the growth of private sector athletic gyms and other non-profit community workout centers, the Fitness Center located in the east wing of the Smyrna Town Centre is no longer advantageous for the Town to operate. 
The decision to close the Town operated Fitness Center has not been without diligent deliberation. When the Fitness Center was opened to the public in 1990, the Town provided a workout center to promote health and fitness to the area residents who did not possess a valid alternative as it relates to a health and fitness facility. The successful economic growth of the Smyrna community since that time has spawned new facilities owned and operated by the private sector, as well as fitness centers operated by popular non-profit organizations. The citizens of our community now have several options for their athletic activities and the need for the current Smyrna Fitness Center has come to an end. 
The Fitness Center will officially close on June 30, 2014 and those patrons who have purchased memberships past the closure date will receive a pro rata refund for the term remaining with their membership. Smyrna will continue to operate the pool located at the Smyrna Town Centre and citizens can expect the hours of its operation to remain similar to the previous years. The Town Manager is forming an advisory committee to explore the best use of the facility space going forward. This committee will research the community need for specific uses that will inspire economic growth or that will provide the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars. As with any service or facility closure, this change will affect several of our Town employees. The Town is proud of the manner in which each employee has served the citizens professionally and courteously.


Anonymous said...

Two words: Golf Course. Shuttering the fitness facility is a start but was just a sacifical lamb to the bigger issue and a drop in the bucket compared to what the golf course continues to hemmorage. It is bad business. Good people continue to be thrown under the bus for terrible decisions by this council. Im reasonably sure H.G Cole, Mary Ester Reed and the rest would not be in business anymore if they lost as much money in their respective businesses. It's not ok to ask tax payers to continue to foot the bill for lousy business pratices.

They wanted to raise taxes 46%, they got 19%. This council is lousy, loves to pat themselves on the back and needs to go. Action talks BS walks.

Anonymous said...

Extremely poor leadership through exceptionally lousy management. Toxic combo.