Friday, August 22, 2014

Tennessean article

This is the article that made me ask my wife if she could do the presentation. This is the Tennessean newspaper and is about Tennessee towns doing this...just not here in Smyrna.
Councilmen in Portland, where chickens are allowed, discussed the issue in late July after more residents have requested having them. 
“I don’t think the government should say, ‘You can’t have something that provides food for your family,’ ” Bitterling said. “We live on one income, and we just stretch it. We don’t take help from the government. If more people can provide for themselves, they can care for themselves instead of the government taking care for them.” 
That’s how Zach and Mandy Hudson feel, but their city of Goodlettsville does not allow backyard chickens in most of its residential areas.

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