Thursday, September 25, 2014


Details are attached, but briefly, it will take place this Saturday, September 27, 9:00am, Smyrna Public Library.  $40 per two player team.

Awesome prizes and giveaways throughout the tournament.  Prize money and prize baskets for 1st through 5th place and well worth it!!

The Tennessee vs. Georgia game will be shown on TV’s as well, so you won’t miss it.

All proceeds to the Revitalization of Lowry Street Project.  Register and pay online at

This fun and exciting event is in conjunction with the annual Smyrna Depot Days!  Get a team together, participate and enjoy the festivities of Depot Days as well!  See you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The return of Depot Days

Waiting to hear from the candidates

I have sent the following letter by contact email to all of the candidates but three. One I submitted by a contact form on their campaign website, and two have neither a campaign website or even a FB page.

If you have an email address for Elbert Ross or Bradley Austin, please message the information to me.


Hello from This is Smyrna.

We are a community website that tries to inform about events, get people involved, and make an attempt to improve our community. With that being said. I am extending to the candidates for Town Council of Smyrna, and the position of Mayor an invitation to write and open letter on any subject or length to describe why the Smyrna Voters should cast a vote for you.

Topics that keep coming to the surface are taxes, new parks, and jobs. These are the items that strike close to home for residents here.

We will post the letters unedited on any subject. This is a service we have done in the past and hope to keep performing in the future.

Gunner Miller
Website Administrator and owner

Friday, September 19, 2014

A good fight

A local high school teacher here in Smyrna has been diagnosed as having stage 4 cancer. Some local people have gotten together to raise funds for him, and they also have scheduled a silent auction for tonight.
To meet that goal, students and teachers have started several fundraisers and even a silent auction. 
The public silent auction is scheduled for September 19 during the football team's home game against Oakland High School
I wish them good luck in helping his family in these trying times.

Well damn!

One of the recent bright spots in this sluggish economy is the construction of the new battery plant for the NISSAN Leaf electric car. Color me surprised when I read that they might not just be laying off, but closing it in the search for cheaper batteries elsewhere.
Nissan (7201.T) boss Carlos Ghosn is preparing to cut battery manufacturing, people familiar with the matter said, in a new reversal on electric cars that has re-opened deep divisions with alliance partner Renault (RENA.PA). 
The plan, which faces stiff resistance within the Japanese carmaker, would see U.S. and British production phased out and a reduced output of next-generation batteries concentrated at its domestic plant, two alliance sources told Reuters.
I could throw out a lot of unjust comments about them not caring about their employees, but I do understand a need for a business to make money. The shutting down of a 1.4 Billion dollar plant would hurt.