Friday, September 19, 2014

Well damn!

One of the recent bright spots in this sluggish economy is the construction of the new battery plant for the NISSAN Leaf electric car. Color me surprised when I read that they might not just be laying off, but closing it in the search for cheaper batteries elsewhere.
Nissan (7201.T) boss Carlos Ghosn is preparing to cut battery manufacturing, people familiar with the matter said, in a new reversal on electric cars that has re-opened deep divisions with alliance partner Renault (RENA.PA). 
The plan, which faces stiff resistance within the Japanese carmaker, would see U.S. and British production phased out and a reduced output of next-generation batteries concentrated at its domestic plant, two alliance sources told Reuters.
I could throw out a lot of unjust comments about them not caring about their employees, but I do understand a need for a business to make money. The shutting down of a 1.4 Billion dollar plant would hurt.


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