Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Robbery crash update

The crash that was mentioned earlier this week on this site has taken a turn for the worse. It seems that the individuals were robbing Gun and Pawn on Front street. I've been in that store several times and it is a well run local business. Sadly they were the victims this time of a robbery.

The attempt was interrupted by the SPD and a chase ensued. The earlier crash mentioned a death, but it seems that some ran from the crash and are still being sought.
Three suspects in the truck were injured a transported to the hospital for treatment. The Tennessean now says one of those injured suspects has since died. Another is still being treated while the third was released. 
Police say at least three more suspects fled the wreck and are being sought by authorities. It appears that most if not all of the suspects are juveniles.
Damn kids. They think they are invulnerable and immortal. Sadly this will derail the life of those involved that are caught, and reinforce the idea that they can get away with anything for those that escape.

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