Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Alert Rutherford County

Here is the alert system for the county
Those signed up for Alert Rutherford received alerts for the hazmat situation this morning. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up today and set your custom settings for alerts weather, evacuations, and more: 
Alert Rutherford is a comprehensive emergency notification system that is capable of providing immediate emergency public information to any registered subscriber via a number of communications options. Each municipality as well as Rutherford County government has operational access to this important communications technology. Participants in Alert Rutherford have the ability to choose their individual preferences for what method of contact they want to be used and which types of notifications they wish to receive. In addition, various locations that the subscriber may want to be alerted to when the location is affected by an emergency can also be added to their profile settings. Registrants information is not disclosed for any purposes and is only utilized in emergency notifications. 
Weather Advisories - Severe weather alerts, such as a TORNADO WARNING, issued by the National Weather Service office are automatically fed to the Alert Rutherford system and then immediately forwarded to any registered subscriber located within the geographically defined warning area. Other categories of weather watches and warnings are also selectable by the Alert Rutherford subscriber. 
Evacuation Orders - Notifications from officials concerning actions recommended in an event such as a large fire or a chemical spill. 
Infrastructure Issues - Important information and/or instructions regarding their services that utility providers may wish to provide to affected customers in an emergency situation. 
Transportation Information - Emergency road closures and open alternate route details necessitated by any large scale event.

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