Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Being prepared

I have mentioned here before that I feel like most families should have a 72 pack ready in case they need to leave home fast. The fires in Gatlinberg and the Chemical Fire in Murfreesboro are two clear and local examples of finding yourself having to leave your house fast.

This year for Xmas my wife and I received from my inlaws 2 well made pre-packaged 72 hour kits. I thought I would share them here so you can see what they look like.

Here is how they come packaged. This is an Emergency Essentials Personal 72-Hour Emergency Kit with MREs. I am not going to link to it so you don't think I am going to get referral money. Just do a basic google search for it if you are interested.

When you open the box, right on top is a backpack to put it all in.

Below is what resides under the backpack.

Laid out so you can get a better idea of the items, (List included at bottom)

Here are the backpacks (we had two boxes) fully loaded and ready to go, and hopefully never be needed.

Official list from the main website.

(9) - MRE Entrée
(9) - MRE Side Dish
(9) - Water Pouch
(3) - Hand & Body Warmer
(1) - Emergency Poncho
(1) - Emergency Blanket
(1) - Tube Tent
(1) - Waterproof Matches
(9) - Utensil & Accessory Pack
(9) - MRE Heater
(1) - Whistle with Lanyard
(1) - Lightstick
(1) - 100-Hour Candle
(1) - Toilet Paper
(1) - One person First Aid Kit
(1) - Disposable Toothbrush
(1) - Small Bar Soap
(1) - Disposable Razor
(3) - Sanitary Napkin
(1) - Comb
(1) - Tissue Pack
(1) - Large Backpack

Now there are already many things my wife and I feel need to be added for us specifically. I like the candle, but would rather have a good flashlight, I think a basic pocketknife is needed, and my wife wants a radio for each. We also say several pairs of socks, and a spare shirt/shorts are needed. The basic idea is that you use this to build on.

This pack costs $69.99, and if you look around you might find one cheaper or one that suits you better.

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