Friday, December 16, 2016

Website Announcement

Just an FYI for the readers of This is Smyrna.

There is a good chance that in 4-5 months I will be moving to Murfreesboro (A small chance of Smyrna, but more likely Murfreesboro). If that happens I would like to find some people that would be willing to take over the two This is Smyrna facebook pages, the related This is Smyrna blogspot page, and I would transfer ownership of the website (all this does is redirects to the blospot site) over to them.

This is just a forewarning so that I can hopefully find someone or some people to take over here.

If you feel like you would want to put a little time each week into the site and hopefully connect the people of Smyrna with local activities, please message me or email me at gunner(dot)c(dot)miller(at)gmail(dot)com


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