Friday, June 16, 2006

Blogger and Podcaster Masses Descend

Tomorrow, the masses of bloggers and podcasters in the Middle Tennessee area will descend upon Espresso Joe's in Smyrna, TN for the monthly Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's meeting.

According to the Big O, John of Salem's Lots, who has recently returned to the blogsphere, agreed to join us.

Last month we intereviewed a lady running for Governor of the State of Tennessee and have extended an open invitation to anyone else running for Governor. This is a fine and very cost effective way to spread your message so hop on the band wagon and join us. Let us know you're coming! Also, Brandi, if you are reading, we are still very much interested in meeting you. Don't be shy!

Got other topics you would like to discuss? Ideas for group projects? Have you something educational and informative to share with the group? I, personally, am very much interested in learning and personal growth and that was one of my objectives for forming this group, so come and share your knowledge!

When and where?

Saturday, June 17th at 2 p.m. CST at Espresso Joe's in beautiful Smyrna, Tennessee.

Espresso Joe's Coffee Co is located at:
901 Rock Springs Rd.
Smyrna, TN

As always, if you're a regular, we hope to see you there. If you've visited once or a couple of times, we hope to see you there. If you've not joined us yet but would like to, we hope to see you there. Come on and de-lurk.

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