Sunday, June 25, 2006

Buying Houses in Middle Tennessee

I've spent the last two days looking at houses online. I gotta tell you... if you think you're poor now, prepare to get more poor if you are buying a home. As I can see, most of the online real estate sites that have mortgage calculators do not add in taxes or insurance which can mislead some unsavvy buyers - in my opinion.

I also have concluded that out of all the places where I'd consider living, Smyrna and LaVergne are the best buys for your money, meaning that you get more house for your money and don't have to sacrifice good schools and neighborhoods.

Anyway, I'm looking. Got a house for sale? Leave me a comment. I won't embarrass myself by revealing my price range. I do need a house with at least 1400 sq. ft., however.

One final note, Yahoo has partnered with Prudential, it does appear. I really like the search options and the ability to create a portfolio.

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