Monday, June 19, 2006

One Year Anniversary of This Is Smyrna,TN Blog

Today marks the one year anniversary of the this is Smyrna, TN Blog. Read the very first post.

Since launching, I've added two other contributors, Michael of Big Orange Michael and Gunner of No Quarters. I also launched a Smyrna Area Blogger's Group which grew into the Rutherford County Blogger and Podcaster's Group and finally into the Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Group. Our founding attendees were Amy of Bad Bad Ivy and Dewayne of Chip Manor. Michael couldn't make it though he had already started contributing to the Smyrna blog and is considered a founding member. Michael is also the Technical Director of the Podcast. The Smyrna, TN Blog also helped inspire my friend Kathy T. to create the LaVergne blog.

I have used this blog to promote business, events and bring to light news that did not get enough coverage as often as possible and will continue to do so. I'm glad to have Gunner and Michael onboard to help. They are both prolific and brilliant and I cherish their friendships.

As an anniversary gift, I have purchased both and Now... what will the future hold. Happy birthday, This is Smyrna, TN.

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