Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Would I Buy Into This? Oh Yeah...

I'm trying with great diligence to become a financially savvy person. In doing so I've subscribed to a website called Bankrate.com. I'm closing on a house in December and am very interested in the interest rates right now. Anyhow, they also have a great number of article on a variety of money oriented subjects. This one caught my attention as it is such a great idea.
New ways to beat high gas prices
By Michael Giusti • Bankrate.com

The way you pay for gas can make a big difference in how much you shell out at the pump. While some drivers go online to find the lowest prices in their neighborhood and others drive around burning precious gas to save a penny or two per gallon, others are learning that "hedging," prepayment options and which credit card to pay with can save serious money when they fill their tanks. more.

Basically people buy gas from this First Fuel Bank in Minnesota in gallons and the gas "bank" stores your gas and you use it at the price that you purchased it at. There are some people who are still pumping gas into their cars that they purchased at $1.00/gallon. You can buy your gas in bulk at the going rate and as prices increase, your costs do not!

What a fabulous idea. Hey Smyrna, I want one!

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