Friday, December 1, 2006

A 'sign' of the times

A local Smyrna resident is in the middle of a situation that calls to mind a question. Should we not do something because it might 'offend' someone?
A Tennessee woman put up a controversial reminder to the person who she said ran over her dog, and some have found it offensive.

Ginger Crawford buried her 5-month-old puppy in her back yard, but she built the memorial in the front yard so every driver can see it.
Crawford claimed drivers do slow down now to read her sign, and some of them find it offensive.

"If it were our dog that got outside and got killed, it would be devastating to our family, but I don't think I would be putting a sign out there saying 'Was it you?' that did that," said passing driver David Wills.
If you get offended by something, does it give you the ability to silence them?
The article has a survey and the numbers are running
6% Yes, and she should take it down.
5% Yes, but it's up to her when she's ready to remove it.
89% No, it's not offensive.
I'm rather pleased that only 6% of the people feel she should remove the sign.

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