Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I heard a rumor today!

I was attending the "Meet Murfreesboro" event at M.T.S.U. today and was talking with different vendors and heard the new Publix will be opening up next year over at exit 70 in Smyrna. I was also chatting away with someone with Sam's club and I asked them about a club coming to Smyrna and he told me " There will not be one coming because there are two clubs so close and that would hurt those clubs if they opened one up here but the district mgr is best friends with the district manager with Costco's and they are planning to open one up next year on Sam Ridley Pkwy." I found out tonight that the land behind the Peterbuilt building off the interstate is being clear for something. Could this be where the new Costco's is going? I remember when Sam Ridley was only 2 lanes and there was nothing here. Now it looks more and more like Old Fort Pkwy. If anyone knows about this please comment and let us all know what is coming to our area...thanks


brian said...

any updated info on the whereabouts of a potential Costco?

Anonymous said...

i have heard the same rumor