Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our sister city

La Vergne, our sister city, has had until recently three blogs serving it.

One is was named La Vergne Blog, and was a portal to the big three. Just over a week ago it's domain name expired, and it, and the "video" blog that went with it died.

Our sister blog This is La Vergne, Tn is run by a motley crew of individuals that we are proud to call our friends.

The last one is named Living in La Vergne, Tennessee" and is run by Angie Mayes, who works for the city of La Vergne.

Today I dropped by Living in La Vergne, Tennessee, and found that something is very wrong there. Either they have been hacked, or they are having some HTML code issues. You go to the page, and for a brief second the site looks normal. at that point an audible click occurs, and ALL posts are replaced by spam'ish links. If you click on the page it attempts to send you to myshovel(dot)com searchmeup(dot)com, or abcsearch(dot)com or a score of other sites..

I've emailed Angie, and hopefully she gets it.

As of right now it looks like 2 out of 3 La Vergne themed blogs are down for the count.

Angie replied to my email.
I deleted it yesterday...my readership was small and with Old Timers' Day coming up, I don't have time to maintain it.
Sadly when people shut down their blogs, they deregister their account to it, and it leaves it open to spammers to register it and fill it with spam.

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