Friday, August 3, 2007

A short term guest in Smyrna

For about one day.

State Sen. Jerry Cooper will enjoy the company of our kind city for 24 hours.
State Sen. Jerry Cooper, D-Morrison, did not contest DUI charges today in Rutherford County General Sessions Court.

Cooper was fined $350 and sentenced to 24 hours in custody at the Swaim DUI Center in Smyrna. Litter pickup was waived due to his physicial condition and 24 hours of public service work in Warren County was substituted.

Cooper, D-Morrison, was charged with DUI after his SUV overturned multiple times in a crash Feb. 7 on Interstate 24 east of the Buchanan Road exit.
If you see him say 'hi' from This is Smyrna, TN.

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