Monday, August 27, 2007

What do you think?

At least one local politician wants to know your views on issues that effect all of us. Mike Sparks, 11Th district county commissioner, has an online poll page with local issues.

Since informed politicians are as important as informed voters, take a moment and drop by there.

While you can vote on the polls, you also have the option to leave feedback comments. Here are the ones from the Bible Park poll.
I dont care one way or another. 08/27/07 4:47:34 PM MST

Personally I believe this would be a great way to bring money to our County, and prevent the development of many new homes. We have enough people already as it is! 08/27/07 3:52:17 PM MST

Traffic and congestion will be worse with 1500 homes. I live in Blackman and do not like the park idea, but i feel it would be better thanthe 1500 homes im hearing about. 08/27/07 12:29:48 PM MST

I would love to see this come to Murfreesboro, it will make for great job opportunities! 08/26/07 10:34:06 PM MST

I have heard that gaylord regretts closing Opryland, opryland never updated rides so many people only visited a few times. The bible park will create jobs and increase the tax base of Rutherford county. I would much rather have a bible park with less noise and less traffic than a 1200 homes subdivision withy more noise and yearround traffic and overcrowd our schools. 08/26/07 7:31:00 AM MST

I like the idea of the park, I just see it causing problems... 08/25/07 12:30:59 PM MST

I wish the park was near the Speedway. I have friends near the Speedway and it didnt bother them, the hardly hear the races. 08/25/07 11:43:20 AM MST

This sounds like a great idea, we need something that will be good fun for our children 08/25/07 9:33:57 AM MST

This is going to cause even worse traffic for our over crowded Murfreesboro 08/25/07 9:29:07 AM MST
Your voices and views are important. Say what you think.

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