Monday, September 10, 2007

Silence is NOT golden.

I'm in a bit of a position and it involves the city government here in Smyrna. because of that I'm openly asking for some advice here.

There is an issue bothering me and it is going to involve several posts on this site, and at least one, and maybe two columns in the Smyrna AM.

The current problem I'm in started back in May. I had a question on a proposed ordinance that the city was thinking of passing. It seemed that the town attorney was the one to call so I left two requests to talk to her. I never got called back from her, but the next day I did get a very interesting phone call from Town manager Mark O'Neal. In what I best described to my wife as a "pissy attitude" he told me that I should address ALL questions to him in the future and not to anyone else. I did not mention this online in May because I figure that maybe he was having a bad day. We all have them.

He wants to be the wellspring of all information in the city hall. I can live with that.

One problem. Last week I emailed his office two times with a request for information. I received from his office nothing. No reply. No "Bug off!". No nothing.

The issue is slightly time sensitive, so I can move forward in other areas without the need of talking to him. I'm just less then thrilled that this situation seems to have arisen up over a perceived slight against him.

My question is this. Should I ask for an official meeting with him? Should I go forward without a comment or more information from him? Should I ask the people who may know, but that means I pass by the "wellspring" in the city hall?

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