Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where oh where did the city codes go? Part 4

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Tomorrow night's town council meeting may be a little interesting for me.

Since my column for last week was published I have gotten more email about it then any so far. Most of the emails(2 out of 3) included stories of lack of information from the city and the troubles they had. All voiced agreement with my point-of-view.

I even had one nice lady call Smyrna AM for my number so she could thank me personally. Seems she and several of her friends were surprised to hear how things were.

Hopefully the town will delay the recodification until they make it easy for the residents of town to get a copy online or in email form. My wife told me not to hold my breath, but I have to hope. I'll find out tomorrow when we see if they plan on putting the recodification up for it's second reading or not.

This was also the first time I have come out and specifically said in my column that the council was in error, and not informing the town of what was going on and needs to stop what they are doing now. I will admit I was a bit worried, after all the individual members of the council are not trying to keep people in the dark, but the process has led to it happening.

I was going to get some information then address this issue with TWSoK, but that fell through.

The next council meeting will be in three weeks, and with recodified ordinances of over 700 pages, I don't feel even if they put it online today, it would leave the people of Smyrna time to give it a proper reading. I feel a month delay, or more, is the best course of action.

But I'm just a resident of this town, so what they hell do I know?

Part 5 Thursday night or Friday
Part 6 to come.

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