Monday, March 15, 2010

Suggest a link

Is there a blog, website, or important link that you feel should be added to our sidebar? If so please leave the link information in comments and we will do our best to quickly add it so others can find more information on our great town.

With that said there are two small limitations.

One is that the website should not be a business for the most part. It would not be fair to have one companies info or link and not another. This is why for the most part I limit posts on companies to going-out-of-business posts, reviews, grand openings, or the more important charity events.

The other is I would like to make the linkage to be associated with Smyrna for the most part. There can be some leeway on that. The link to the Rutherford County 4-H club blog is close enough in my view, but the closer the better.

So please take a moment and look at your favorites and see if there is one you'd like us to add to help Smyrna.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your consideration.