Thursday, July 28, 2011

We might as well admit it people

Hope is a powerful motivator and it should not be dismissed lightly, but the reality of the situation is harsh and that needs to be viewed openly. I was one of the many people cheering at home when I first heard of the store complex that was in planning for the wooded area to the left of Lowes. This site was going to be anchored by a J.C.Pennys and a Books-A-Million. Those plans like many others have been put on hold due to the economy.

I was filling up gas in front of the Sam Ridley Kroger’s and noticed that out of the stores on the left in the strip malls the future looked bad. I counted 7-8 open sites and 6 closed stores. Almost 50% empty. I had in error assumed that with the old Kroger’s closing down that there would be an increase in loyal customers there assuring success for the area. Sadly this did not happen.

The sad view that day finally made me realize something else. The news has mentioned that the Borders Book warehouse in LaVergne is closing, and the news in general for book stores is not bright. That day I realized that Smyrna might not get a chain bookstore in the near future. With Amazon having an endless supply of books the only real reason to go to a brick-and-mortar bookstore is speed...but few books are needed in such a short time.

I do not see Books-A-Million coming to Smyrna even if the new complex is built. I hope I'm wrong, but facing the facts means that painful truths need to be addressed. What I hope for now is a used bookstore, a small place near the town center full of books with good parking, something that is an issue for our town center. If we as a community care for and patronize such a store it could really take off. A bookstore for adults, esoteric comics for kids and maybe even a children’s area with readings for little ones in conjunction with planned outings from local daycares would make a great store.

If a bookstore opens in Smyrna this site will become a vocal proponent and help them all we can. Books are tactile and fun...yes they have limits, but they require no batteries, they never are in a file format that will get old, and even if you sit on them you will not hurt them as you could a CD-ROM. Books are precious and Smyrna needs a store selling them badly, but the future for a big store looks dim, so we can hope for small and welcoming instead. I know I sure do.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pet of the Week: Maggie

Maggie is incredibly gentle. She does GREAT with other animals.
Maggie was pulled from Greenbrier Animal Control when her stray time was up; she & her 10 unborn puppies were scheduled to be euthanized, but the AC officer thought the world of her. She did end up having her pups at the shelter, but all are now with us & looking for homes! Maggie has been very depressed, but is coming out of it.

Sex Female
Primary Breed Boxer
General Color Tan
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Only
Requires a Yard Yes
Requires Home with Fence Any Type

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Johns-King Home

Johns-King Home by Tom C. Frundle
Johns-King Home, a photo by Tom C. Frundle on Flickr.

Part of Smyrna history.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pet of the Week: Bear

Bear is an extremely special dog for an extremely special family. His independence and gentle spirit shine brightly as he walks through life blindly. He adores dogs, children and all people, although he wouldn't say that about cats(!) Bear is low-energy and "love" and "affection" are his favorite activities.

Primary Breed Chow Chow
Sex Male
Altered Yes
Up-to-date Yes
General Color Black
General Age Young
General Size Potential Medium
Ear Type Uncropped
Has Special Needs Yes

Personality and Behavior
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Only
Requires a Yard Yes
Requires Home with Fence Any Type
Personality & Behavior Qualities Affectionate

Compatibility Information
Good with Adults All
Owner Experience Needed Species
Compatibility Qualities Older/ considerate kids only

Monday, July 11, 2011


The heat index is going to be over 100 degrees for the next several days, Even if you feel you can handle the heat we recommend that you stay inside. If you do not have AC there is the Smyrna Public Library that would love to have you as a guest. Check out a book, listen to a tape, or check your emails on one of their many computers.

There are a few local swimming sites on Percy Priest lake that are FREE and can give you a nice cooling down. All of these sites are near lovely shaded areas for those who need to watch or cannot swim....but staying inside is still the recommendation of this blog.

If you know of someone who does not have a working AC or depends on floor fans for cooling take a moment and go check on them. Heat has a way of creeping up on you and they could be in trouble and not know it...until too late.

The south is known for the deadly combination of heat and humidity. Sadly the week had possible storms on and off. While the rain may offer a temporary cooling effect, the rise in humidity then creates a muggy atmosphere that does not allow good sweating or sweat evaporation for heat loss. This complicates and contributes to an increase in the heat dangers. Take care and I hope all goes well for you.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dog of the Week: Roxy

Roxy's family was evicted.  Someone was being paid to watch her, but they weren't feeding her.

Primary Breed     Boxer
Secondary Breed     Labrador Retriever
Sex     Female
Altered     Yes
General Color     White
Pattern     Spots
Ear Type     Uncropped
Tail Type     Long
Received Date     5/28/2011

Personality and Behavior
Indoor/Outdoor     Indoor Only
Requires a Yard     Yes
Requires Home with Fence     Any Type
Personality & Behavior Qualities     Crate trained, Gentle

Compatibility Information
Good with Adults     All

Cat of the Week: Kitten

Kitten is 6-7 years old & healthy. She was born under a trailer during Hurricane Francis in Florida and is afraid of thunder and lightning. She has been intimidated by an older cat in the home which left her very stressed, but by herself she is very loveable. She would likely not be good with young children, as she likes to be picked up only when she wants to. She only likes dry food. She does love her water and even likes to sit by the tub when you bathe or shower. She likes to sleep on the bed at night most nights and on the windowsill most days. She is not afraid of the vacuum.  She is very intelligent. She loves cardboard scratchers.
Her current family is leaving the country and are unable to take her.

Primary Breed     Domestic Short Hair
Secondary Breed     Tabby
Sex     Female
Altered     Yes
Coat Length     Short
General Color     Gray, Blue or Silver Tabby
General Age     Adult
Pattern     Tabby
Ear Type     Erect

Personality and Behavior
Indoor/Outdoor     Indoor Only
Requires a Yard     No
Requires Home with Fence     Not Required
Housetrained     Yes
Personality & Behavior Qualities     Likes toys, Obedient, Gentle

Compatibility Information
Compatibility Qualities     Older/ considerate kids only, Apartment appropriate

Pet Smart Smyrna adoption event

We will be at the PetSmart in Smyrna July 9 from 11-3 with some of our adoptable pets!
Email for an application, which is step 1 of the adoption process.
Email or call us if there is a pet you want to meet so we can make arrangements to have them there.
If you're interested in adopting, please fill out an application! We will review it (call vet & 3 references, etc) & schedule a home visit, then you will sign our adoption agreement & pay the adoption fee. We cannot guarantee that a pet will be able to go home with you on the day of the event without an approved application ahead of time.
We have a 7 day return policy. If within the first 7 days you find you can't keep the animal, you will be refunded all but $25 for dogs, and $15 for cats. After 7 days, there are no refunds.
All animals are returned to the rescue if you find you can't keep them at anytime.
A fence is not required, but you must have a plan for making sure the dog gets daily exercise.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Event reminder - Next week.

There is going to be a seminar locally for those interested in starting your own business. Reservations are required to call now.
Starting Your Own Business
Date: 7/7/2011
Time: 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

3050 Medical Center Parkway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129


Event Description: Middle Tennessee State University’s Small Business Development Center, in conjunction with the Small Business Administration, will conduct a free seminar on starting your own business on July 7, 2011,from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce n Murfreesboro. The purpose of this seminar is to provide individuals interested in starting a business a broad overview of the many things they will be confronted with in doing so. It will introduce attendees to the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, the services available, and how it can assist in the development of their business venture. Sources for information gathering,research and databases available are also discussed. This seminar is intended for persons who have never been in business. There is no charge to attend the seminar, or for one-to-one counseling which is available, by appointment, after attending the seminar. Reservations are required and available on-line at or by calling 615-898-2745. Please arrive and sign in 10 minutes prior to the startup of the seminar. Accommodations are available for the handicapped.
Good luck and I hope you remember me when you're filthy rich.