Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Enhance this!

I want a minivan. A nice one. Heck. I want one that has those doors that you slide just an inch or so and they auto-shut their self. That would be so cool.

I do have one problem. I simply cannot get the money together to buy one as soon as I want, so I have an idea. I'm planning on building a nice Jacuzzi, and a minivan would look nice in the driveway. So. I and my wife will get raises. I'm not going to ask the boss as they might say 'no'. I'll skip them and go to HR. That'll work just fine.

Sounds wrong. That is how I see the local town government here and their recent way of saying they want more money to work on roads.

The government is one of the few organizations that can get a raise without asking their bosses...we call them voters. They skip the voters and go right to the State government and ask for income enhancements. A nice way of saying tax increase.

If I don't have the money to buy something, than how does it look to us the voters when the government is planning on 'improving' the local town centre, yet has a need for road funds. This is called messed up priorities. It's also called an election year.

If the road is so darn important, so dangerous, then you DON'T spend the money on a better pool or nature center, but on the roads. It sounds simplistic, but there it is.

What is really bothering me is the two fold game of words. They are using the phrase "enhanced" instead of the more honest "increased", and they also are not letting the citizens decide. I understand that you can go talk to the council, but I have only seen one time I feel that someone pointed out how bad an ordinance change would be, and they voted it down due to the voice of the people.

Please email the council at the addresses linked here and let them know you would rather have safe roads over an interactive show on wildlife and a pool. Also ask them to please use the correct term as that is making them all look bad.

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Doug Miller said...

The new "Outdoor Center" will be just another "money pit" for the taxpayers. The current City Council meets at 5PM instead of a reasonable time of 7Pm when residents could attend. They don't want people to know what's going on. They know better what the people need, or so they think. The Golf course has been losing $400,000 every year for many years, and this new venture will more than likely lose even more than the golf couse does. Meanwhile the Smyrna Library is falling in disarray, and the city doesn't even attempt to help. Volunteers are trying to raise the money for needed repairs,and the city has not even mentioned it.People need to call and email the Council and tell them what you think. I smell another tax increase coming. We already have a higher tax rate than Franklin.