Monday, May 28, 2007

Cases of Water Needed

The NORTH RUTHERFORD Boys and Girls Club (serving Smyrna & LaVergne) are looking for cases of water to be donated for their summer program. The Girl Scout troops of Service Unit 154 are trying to come up with eight cases per troop in the next week or two. If anyone else is willing to donate a case of water for this cause, you are welcome to drop a case off at Kathy T's office (Bob Parks Realty on Sam Ridley Parkway) or at the Boys/Girls club iteself.

The NORTH RUTHERFORD Club is also seeking a working ice machine (to be donated), so if you know anyone who can help with this, please comment or contact Kathy at ktyson (at) realtracs (dot) com. Thank you!

Plans for Friday

If you don't have plans for Friday, may I suggest some free music
Main Street's First Friday Concert Series
Held on the Public Square in Downtown Murfreesboro. Free admission, food vendors and more. Bring your lawn chair! Contact: Main Street, (615) 895-1887
Sounds like fun. 6:30-9:00pm

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crime in Smyrna

Sadly our town garnered a brief mention in a article on crime in Tennessee.
The number of crimes committed in Tennessee edged down about 2 percent last year, although some communities saw fairly dramatic increases in many types of offenses, according to a report released Wednesday by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Burglaries were up dramatically in cities such as Brentwood, Franklin, Clarksville, Hendersonville and Smyrna. Aggravated assaults were up 97 percent in Mt. Juliet. Murfreesboro, like many local communities, saw substantial spikes in auto thefts, robberies and burglaries.
Regretfully some people who flee Nashville and move out to the satellite cities, bring a whole new set of problems with them. Problems that we have to learn how to handle.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today Show to Feature Smyrna Tomorrow

The TODAY Show is coming to Smyrna! Last month, a producer contacted a Girl Scout leader in Service Unit 154 about a project her daughter, Grace, has headed up at school.

A a result, a segment will be aired live tomorrow arond 7:50 a.m. If you can, tune in tomorrow morning, Thursday, May 24th to see Lacy, Grace, and their friends!! Congratulations!

HT to Roxanne our SU manager!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Radio Smyrna

I did not know that there was a radio show broadcast from Smyrna. I was forwarded the following email from Rutherford County Commissioner Mike Sparks.
I wanted to inform your blog of the Smyrna Show heard on WGNS 1450 am and 100.5 Fm thats on Fridays at 3:00 pm. Friday's show was held at the North Rutherford YMCA on Sam Ridley Parkway and we discussed Smyrna' growth and new business that will be coming to Smyrna such as Kohls department store in November, Demo's Restaurant, Applebees, a New Starbucks, Taco Bell and 2 2 new main commercial streets that will be named in memory of past Smyrna soldiers killed in Iraq and much more. We also gave away $140 worth of tickets for the Smyrna Rotary "Wings of Freedom Fish Fry" and 2 cash gift certificates to benefit Smyrna and Rutherford County non profits. The next show will be aired on Friday at 3:00 pm June 1st. If you have any creative ideas for our show please let me know, if you could mention this it would be greatly appreciated.
If you have any suggestions please leave them in comments.

I'm going to try to drop by and view the next broadcast on June 1st.

I think an idea may be to drop by and record the regular blogger meet for later broadcast. A lot of good ideas are thrown about there, and local issues are the fare for the day. It normally lasts an hour, and we would love the company.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dear Smyrna Government

Don't look to hard.

The next sections of the city codes that will be looked at includes the alcohol ordinances. I hope they don't do what Danville kentucky did.
No karaoke singing, and no dancing. It sounds like the movie "Footloose," and it could happen in Danville.

City officials are looking at the proposed ordinance, as part of a review of the city's alcohol policies. Some officials say the issue is when there is karaoke and dancing in restaurants, it creates crowds and more of a bar type atmosphere. They say it's not what the city wants.

At this point, it's only a proposal. Many residents say it's too harsh. At the same time, Danville officials are also considering allowing alcohol sales on Sunday.
I was disappointed when package sales were voted down.

With humor, I say I hope the city doesn't look to close to the city alcohol codes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Free for Rutherford county residents and visitors.
Gratis. On the house. Free of charge. At no cost. Without charge. Complimentary. In other words — free! It's not often that you get anything free, let alone the admissions to six grand experiences. Mark your calendars now to spend Saturday in Rutherford County for "Free Day in May."

The Rutherford County Convention and Visitors Bureau is coordinating a special “Free Day in May” event for all Rutherford County residents and visitors. Attractions such as Cannonsburgh Village, Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, Oaklands Historic House Museum, Sam Davis Home and Museum and the Stones River National Battlefield will be open free of charge for the day on Saturday. Those attractions that are regularly open to the public free of charge will have special events taking place on that day.
Good day to have some fun with the kids.

A big fundraiser is a comin....

I found out this morning from my boss at the Smyrna Bowling Center that he is fixing to print up 300 or so tickets to be sold for a special lock in on a friday night coming up in June. This special night will hosted by the city of Smyrna which in turn is going to help raise money for the teens that are going to our sister city in Japan. I will know more as the details unfold. So stay tuned here or over at Smyrna bowling center blog for more details!! This should be a fun night for all!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

104.5 The Zone will be in town tomorrow

Dunkin Doughnuts officially opens tomorrow and the morning sports guys from 104.5 the Zone will be here to celebrate.

The Wake-Up Zine consists of the trio of Kevin Ingram, Mark Howard and former Titan and UT-hater Frank Wycheck. The show kicks off at 6 a.m. and runs until 10 a.m.

The excursion to our fair city should be fairly similar to other Dunkin Doughnuts visits the Wake-Up Zone has made. Frank is usually challenged to a doughnut eating contest, which he invariably wins. I am sure there will be give-aways for fans who stop by as well as a chance to meet the guys and see behind the scenes of the radio show.

For those of you who don't tune in, tomorrow will include "Put a Sock" in it from 7-8 a.m., when callers are encouraged to tell people within the sports-world to "put a sock" in whatever it is they're upset or whining about. Common targets for the sock, of late: Barry Bonds and Adam "Pacman" Jones.

Also, Dunkin Doughnuts is running a contest that fans can stop by and enter to win a trip to Chicago to watch the Nashville Kats get beaten play. I don't believe this contest is necessarily tied into the Zone's visit (as in you can stop by before or after the show and still enter).

But let's get to the best news here--Dunkin Doughnuts is officially opening tomorrow in Smyrna!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


What were they thinking in M.boro?
Parents of students at a Murfreesboro elementary school are outraged that teachers and an assistant principal staged a phony gun attack on their children, telling them repeatedly it was not a drill, while the children cried and took shelter under tables.

Sixty-nine sixth-grade students from Scales Elementary school were on a weeklong trip at Fall Creek Falls, a state park about 130 miles southeast of Nashville. On Thursday, the last night of the outing, the staff played a prank on the kids, convincing them there was a gunman on the loose.

A teacher wearing a hooded sweatshirt pulled on a locked door, pretending to be a suspicious subject in the area.
Drills are one thing, but terrorizing children is sick.


I do believe I have found out what that building will be used for. In the last few months several people have asked me about the large building/warehouse being constructed on Sam Ridley blvd near the airport.

It looks like this company may be the one that will move there.
Wearwell, also known as the Tennessee Mat Company, is relocating its manufacturing operations from Nashville to Smyrna.

The manufacturer of anti-fatigue mats for a variety of industrial and commercial uses is bringing 110 jobs with it in the move that will take place over the next several months, said Lisa O’Dell, vice president of marketing for the company, which prefers to go by the name Wearwell for it connotations to quality and durability. The company’s legal name is Tennessee Mat Company.

“We have been in Nashville for 57 years, but what we have found is that we need a larger facility and we need to consolidate our facilities,” she said. The company was operating out of three buildings in Nashville and needed to relocate to allow for future growth and better efficiency.

The Wearwell facility will be located at 199 Threet Industrial Road off Sam Ridley Parkway near the Smyrna Airport.
Welcome to Smyrna.

Talked to the town attorney at the last recodification meeting and she said that the new building visible from Sam Ridley is part of a another company that is expanding. The Wearwell facility is near it, but not that one.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Adopt a pet.

For those with the space in their home for one more, there is a chance Saturday of doing some good.
11 a.m.-2 p.m., Retired racing greyhounds at Smyrna Pet Supermarket, dogs and their owners will be at the store, 655 Presidents Way, Smyrna. People interested in adopting a retired racing greyhound are invited to attend and meet the dogs, talk with owners, and see dogs available for adoption. Mardy Fones, (615) 297-2033, or e-mail Also log onto

Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Group Meeting

this post is an "I think" post. That means "I think the meet is tomorrow", but that is unconfirmed at this time.

The Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Group Meeting is this Saturday(tomorrow) at 2pm at Espresso Joe's in Smyrna Tennessee.

Come one come all.

Last months was a fun affair. In attendance was
Ginger of Ginger Snaps
Michael of Big Orange Micheal and This is Smyrna, TN
Dewayne of Chip Manor
Bad Bad Ivy from The Bad Bad Ivy experience
Gunner of No Quarters and This Is Smyrna, TN
View from the Lake of LaVergne, TN
See you there.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm now against it

The subject of the Bible park was not something I really thought about. It was neither good or bad to me.

Till I read this.
The state Senate is scheduled to hear a bill tomorrow that would let Rutherford County officials use taxes collected on a proposed Bible theme park to help pay its development costs.

The chamber's State and Local Government Committee approved the measure yesterday, amending it to apply to only Rutherford County.

Sponsor Jim Tracy says it would let the County Commission establish a special tax zone to aid development of the proposed Bible Park U-S-A.
A special tax zone. They collect extra taxes at the park, and then give it back to the park.

This article says it would be a sales tax. Collected at the door.
Sales taxes collected from a proposed $180 million Bible-story theme park here could help pay for its development if state and local officials agree to proposed legislation.
Wild idea.

Let the park charge what they want and then keep the money. No government middle man. Original and frightening idea, but lets try it.

I am against using tax money in any form, even special taxes, to fund private enterprises.

I'm not against the park. I'm against this tax plan of forced charges, and handouts to the company.

If it cannot pay for itself, and survive on its own, then it should end up like this.

small edit for accuracy of my view.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A special invite for the Vandy bowling team.....

The team won the NCAA bOWLING TOURNEYMENT THIS year and now the girls are invite to the WHITE HOUSE. This is great for the team. They use the Smyrna bowling center as their home turf and now the girls hard work has paid off by the President having them for a reciption. to read more please go here and read about this great invite!!! I am so proud of the Vandy girls way to go team!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

A new blog

First there was This is Smyrna, TN, Then there was This is La Vergne, TN.

Now there is This is Murfreesboro.
Welcome! I am very new to blogging, so thank you in advance for your patience. I’ll try not to make any major faux pas, I’ll try not to type in all caps, and will be light on the smiley faces! Whoops!

I am a real estate agent with Bob Parks Realty, LLC in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I have a couple of goals for this blog:

1. To share real estate news in the community and surrounding areas.
2. To provide updates on the mortgage market.
3. To have some fun with this blog (wait, that should be first!) including sharing recipes and bird and nature stuff.

I hope you’ll come and visit me often. I’d love hearing your comments, and am looking forward to many years of friendships through blogging!
Welcome to blogging Janice.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Chick-fil-A is going to be opening on May 10th. I found that this is not going to be an "open the door and stand back" grand opening, but a party with gifts.
Chick-fil-A, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, will open its newest restaurant in Smyrna on May 10, giving away $26,000 in free Chick-fil-A food to the first 100 adults in line that morning.

A one-year supply of free Chick-fil-A combo meals (52 coupons) will be awarded to each of the first 100 adults, age 18 and older with identification, at the new restaurant at 470 Sam Ridley Parkway West. The line can begin forming up to 24 hours prior to the opening, with the prizes being given away on May 10 between 6-6:30 a.m. The restaurant will open immediately afterward.
Sounds like a blast.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Supporting our sister city blog.

This is La Vergne, TN is our sister site in more then one way. We have exchanged bloggers, and have become friends.

In our last get together Betty veronica Marylin kaiser soze Bad Bad Ivy, one of the bloggers at This is La Vergne, TN, said she was worried about a situation that was brewing in La Vergne. I didn't hear more about it until she posted the whole fiasco on her blog.
Go read this press release from the City of La Vergne and then come back. No worries, I’ll wait.

Did you notice where Angie Mayes, the city’s publicist, quoted herself as saying “Anyone can hide behind a computer to complain, but to take action shows a real interest in the city.”?

Okay, well go read the comments to this post, particularly the comment where “John Duncan” says “Anyone can sit behind a computer and be brave and say strong things, but why not write the officials directly and use your real name (and include an address and phone number).” That’s the same commenter that says “Yes I can speak for the Board…they are friends of mine and I’ve asked them if they read the blog. They said not anymore because of the controversy and all around bitchiness.” Yes, she speaks for the board that they aren’t interested in what the citizens of La Vergne want to say.

This is also the same commenter that keeps harping on and on and on and on about using my real name. You want to know why I don’t use my real name? Because that comment is coming from an IP address that, when you do a whois on it, comes from the City of La Vergne. Not an IP address IN the city of La Vergne. The IP address that says “The City of La Vergne”- as in Town Hall. That commenter, who uses nearly the exact same words as our city’s publicist does in that press release.
This "Angie" had already come to my attention by her "sharp" comments on the La Vergne blog. Very defensive of the establishment there, and quick to go after anyone who questions the city or it's plans. Very odd acts for a publicist.

Her sharp comments and subtle hits against bloggers now come in the guise of official La Vergne press releases.
“Yes, 75 percent of the people who responded to the survey about volunteering to be on boards said they were interested in being on a board,” said Publicity Coordiantor[sic] Angie Mayes. “However, as of 9:30 on May 4, only a handful of citizens have actually applied for these boards, according to City Recorder Bruce Richardson. Anyone can hide behind a computer to complain, but to take action shows a real interest in the city.

“This shows a great apathy on the part of the citizens,” Mayes continued. “A lot of people want to be heard and that’s great, but to actually be involved to help make decisions is another story. I don’t know why these people haven’t applied, but we need individuals to help fill the boards so that we have a quorum when they meet.”

Recent comments on local blogs show that people do have concerns, but very few have taken an actual role in helping out with the various boards and committees that need people. This includes National Night Out and Old Timers’ Day.
The press release seems to have been "pulled" from the city website. I'm not surprised in the least.

Other blogs have commented on this situation.

Nashville is Talking
Volunteer Voters
Just another Pretty Farce

Meadow Wood Apartment fund

A fire yesterday destroyed most of the belongings of 8 units now has a fund set up to help the victims.
Eight residents and families lost all their belongings Thursday when fire engulfed their Meadow Wood apartments at 600 Nissan Drive.

American Red Cross and church members helped the victims with their immediate needs.

Smyrna Police Sgt. Bobby Gibson said the police department’s Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association opened a fund to help the victims.

Contributors may make deposits to the Meadow Wood Fire Benefit Fund at any Mid-South Bank.
A small bit of information came to light. The fire started in the old apartment of one of our contributers.

Something to do near Smyrna

Today and tomorrow the Main Street JazzFest '07 is happening in Murfreesboro.
Sponsored by Main Street, Inc., Enjoy the best of local, regional and nationally known jazz artists in the shadow of the historic Rutherford County Courthouse. This is a free family oriented event with a large children's activity area and numerous food vendors. No admission charge. Contact: Main Street, (615) 895-1887
Let us just hope the weather cooperates.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Real Estate Numbers for Smyrna

Thought I'd share some real estate numbers for Smyrna.

Homes currently on the market: 343
  • Lowest price: $98,700 for a two-bedroom zero lot line on Dellwood.
  • Highest price: $649,900 for a four-bedroom, 4706 square foot on Hidden Valley off Rocky Fork Rd.
Total homes on market in Smyrna for $250,000 and up: 66

Homes currently under contract in Smyrna: 120

Total homes closed in 2007: 304
Total homes closed Jan 1 - April 30 2006: 264

Homes closed in April 2007: 87
Homes closed in April 2006: 63

I think the real estate market in Smyrna is looking good!

Something to do in Smyrna

This looks like an activity that would be great for the family.

The Sam Davis home is having an event I may go out and see today.
May 3-4 2007 – Days on the Farm

Experience what it would have been like to live over 100 years ago! This popular living history celebration will feature over 25 demonstrations such as blacksmithing, quilting, spinning, weaving, and lye soap making. Event hours are 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Admission is $5 per person.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What does Smyrna need?

People are happy with all of the new restaurants, and retail stores that are coming to town. These will compete with the ones already here, and hopefully to our advantage.

What do you think Smyrna needs? What business do you think the chamber of commerce, or city government, should approach, or entice, to come to Smyrna?

My list is short and simple.

We need a bookstore. It doesn't matter if it is a new, or used bookstore. Smyrna needs more then the limited selection at WalMart and the grocery stores in town.

What do you feel Smyrna needs?

Something to do in Smyrna.

I have found that the rather large and imposing building called the Nissan plant is open for regular tours.
Tour the Nissan North America manufacturing plant in Smyrna where five Nissan brand cars and trucks roll off the lines. Maxima, Altima, Xterra compact SUV, Frontier truck, and Pathfinder SUV. The massive $2.1 billion facility covers 5.4 million square feet on 884 acres. More than one-half million vehicles roll off the line every year, and you are welcome to watch. Hours: Tours are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Visitors view a video about the company and then ride the tram on a guided tour of the plant. No children under the age of ten are allowed on the tour. Cameras, including camera phones, are not allowed in the plant. Advance reservations are required. Admission: No admission charged. Location: 983 Nissan Drive, Smyrna, TN 37167. For more information and to make reservations, please call 615-459-1444.
If you have a scout troop, or school group, this may be a great activity for them. I remember enjoying myself when I toured the corvette plant in Bowling Green Kentucky years ago.

Local Basketball player makes good

A Smyrna high basketball player has already signed for Tennessee Tech,.
The Tennessee Tech's women's basketball 2007-08 roster added two new faces this week as head coach Amy Brown concluded her inaugural singing class by announcing the signing of 5-foot-11 forward Rachel Whittle and 6-foot-3 center Vivian Nwosu, both of McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas.

Nwosu and Whittle join Amanda Mendenhall from Harpeth High in Kingston Springs, and Jasmine White, a senior at Smyrna High in LaVergne. Mendenhall and White were added in late November as the early signing class.
Congratulations to Jasmine White.

Smyrna High in LaVergne? Misprint, or did they move the school without us knowing?

Major "Grand Opening Celebration Week"

In less then two weeks a store will be opening that I know several relatives have longed waited for, and we are all invited.
Dunkin' Donuts & Baskin Robbins is opening May 16 at 5 a.m.
810 Nissan Drive (Next to Wal-Mart) - Across from Nissan Plant

104.5 the Zone does live broadcasts, donut eating contests, Nashville Kats Cheerleaders & mascots will be there, giveaways, free food, product sampling,etc.

all day

and, the best part, the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru will be open 24 hours. beginning May 16 -- for late-nighters.

There will be something new each Day - May 17, May 18, May 19, May 20, May 21, May 22 & May 23 -- So be on the look out for our local ads promoting each day's activities - some for kids. some for adults, etc
I would like to thank "This is Smyrna, TN." reader Brandy from Dunkin Donuts for submitting this first 'community event' to our site.

24 hour drive-thru. I'm impressed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Didn't get one thing done.

I tried to make an appointment to see the town attorney today and did not get called back both times. A bit disappointed. More then a bit. I really want to talk to her about the current codes on school buses, and possible changes they plan.
Found I was attempting to reach the wrong person to ask questions of.

I also figured I would drop by and see the sister city meeting at 6pm tonight. The city just laid down a few shekels to assist them in their trip to Japan. This outlay has made me interested in them.

What happens at a sister city meeting? I wanted to know.

I looked at the schedule and found three meetings tonight.
Sister City Committee: May 1, 2007 - 6:00 PM
Beautification Committee: May 1, 2007 - 6:00 PM
Comprehensive plan public meeting on Tuesday, May 1, at 6:00 pm at the Town Centre. This will be a presentation of the final draft of the plan to the public before the Planning Commission and Town Council votes.
I showed at the town hall and found a note on the door to a very dark and empty looking building. It said to enter the building for the sister city meeting at the door nearest the pharmacy. I found the door, near the mayors reserved parking spot. They were very locked at 6:10pm.

I gave up and just went home. To tired and sore to drive around and scream "Hey Stella" "where are the dang meetings?"

I think the city doesn't like me.


Found out where the meetings were being held. Looks like I should have knocked on the door for the sister city meeting. Will be there next month.

Kohl's Coming

I just heard at our meeting this morning with Bob Parks Realty that Kohl's has bought the land next to the future location of Target for $1.5 million (allegedly). Which means... KOHL'S!!!!!!