Thursday, August 23, 2007

Smyrna Radio today

WGNS radio will be broadcasting from the YMCA lobby if you want to drop by, or call.
Anti-Bible Theme Park
Petition Given To County Commission
A grass-roots effort got 2,700 backers to sign a petition opposing the proposed Bible Theme Park. It was given to the Rutherford County Commission, the body that ultimately decides on the concept. In a WGNS radio broadcast, County Mayor Ernest Burgess said that developers have not filed any request for the complex. However, he said they were aware that New York based SafeHarbor Holdings, LLC, is completing a variety of extensive studies. Managing Partner Armon Bar-Tur earlier told WGNS News, "It's a wonderful experience to visit the Holy Land, but most persons are not able to make the trek. The Bible theme park would give them that experience. It is not a platform for religious beliefs, but instead hopes to give those who attend a historical perspective of Biblical times." Developers are considering a 300-acre plat of land in the Blackman community that fronts State route 840 and I-24. If built, studies indicate approximately a million visitors will come to the Heart of Tennessee. Armon Bar-Tur will join Bryan Barrett and County Commissioner Mike Sparks on WGNS' Rutherford Issues live from Smyrna this coming Thursday (8/23) afternoon (3-4pm). Listeners will be able to phone WGNS (893-1450) and ask questions. You can sit in on the show and watch the action unfold. Visit the Smyrna YMCA on Thursday at 3! A seating area has been set up next to the broadcast site.
This looks like it could be a fun show.

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