Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here one day, gone the next.

I have no real issues with the growth of Smyrna outside of one. There seems to be no real plans to assist a bookstore to move here. a store that I feel is vital to a community.

My sister picked me up a local phone book called "Your Local Directory". It looks like it is put out by comcast of all things. I automatically looked inside for bookstores, and to my shock one was listed. Here in Smyrna bookstore exists, and I did not know about it.

"Carmen Lily's Books and Stuff" is located at 179 N. Lowry St.. Or I should say 'WAS' located there. You might know of the location for the older residents of Smyrna. The building that looks like an old motel converted to stores, that used to have an older firetruck parked in it near the road. I drove there Sunday and cruised slowly looking into each window and reading the store signs. No bookstore. I tried to call the number listed in the phone book, and it has been disconnected.

Dangit all. One was here and I did not even see it.

I'll drive by again today to see if I might have missed it, but I'm not holding out hope. The sad thing is that I could have been their best customer.

Does anyone know who Carmen Lily is? I've done a search for the last name, but no residents in Smyrna have that last name according to them.

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Anonymous said...

i worked in the financial side of book industry and it is very very difficult for independent bookstore owners to keep afloat with places like booksamillion and b&n as competition. there is also the issue here in smyrna that we seldom support locally owned business so most shut down within a couple years of opening. i personally feel we would be much better off without home depot walmart or starbucks. i've seen mom & pop coffee shops go out of business, local video store struggle and the gillsville hardware store all but shut down because of chain stores. i think its great to have locally owned business as long as the city does not allow big box retailers to move in. hillsboro village in nashville will not allow chains in their area only local owned or small threat chains stores.
a locally owned bookstore is a nice thought but so is the easter bunny.