Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is that a gun, or are you just upset?

I have already broached the subject of the Calrksville man who took his own life after a negative vote from the Clarksville Town Council. It also created a nice comment thread worth reading.

In the Tuesday night town council meeting the Mayor mentioned it and what he would like done.
Mayor Bob Spivey has suggested those attending Town Council meetings be required to go through a metal detector before entering council chambers.

Spivey made the suggestion during Tuesday night's council meeting, saying he was disturbed by what happened at the Clarksville City Council's Oct. 4 meeting.
"These meetings get very intense sometimes, and I think we need to protect (audience members)," Spivey said.
I'm not sure what to say on this. Would it really protect the people there? An unstable person could easily just walk in with one, and not wait. Is this an over-reaction by the mayor, or a sensible precaution?Will vehicles be searched next?

What do you all think of this?

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