Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Music in Smyrna.

My column in the Smyrna AM came out, and it may surprise a few. Not one mention of the town council and what I think the town government is doing wrong.

On the 5th I posted that Elders Chapel UMC was going to be hosting choirs from several churches and it looked interesting enough to go and listen.

Now I will admit a certain bias. When I think choir performances I think of George Frideric Handel's famous work Messiah(link goes to download site). "and he shall purify" is the part I enjoy singing along with the most. With a voice in the bass range I have the habit of following my wife who is a alto-saprano when she sings. For many years she was in a local performance in Franklin Tennessee. Thus when she practiced at home, I sing along with her...quietly.

When I got there they quickly got to the business of singing. Singing energetic spiritual songs that got people standing, clapping, and saying praise. Outside of one single time as a youth when I accompanied a friend to his mom's Pentecostal church one Sunday, I have never been really exposed to this form of religious choirs.

When I walked into the door I felt awkward as I do in most social setting, but quickly got comfortable and found myself singing along with a few of the songs. Several songs used a "call and repeat" form of singing, and even a tone deaf guy musically uninclined guy like myself found it easy to follow along.

After 3 hours of spirit filled music the night ended with a few words from a few members of the church. I am really so glad that I went and had the experience of music like this.

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