Thursday, July 15, 2010

From a reader

Most people do not know about this gathering.
Hi Gunner. I was driving to the food bank to drop off some extra zucchini this morning and I noticed there was a farmer's market going on in the parking lot of the North Rutherford health department. I don't think they have done anything to promote it, as a quick google search turned up nothing on the topic, so I thought you might like to mention it on your blog. I made a call the the health department to make sure I had my facts straight for you.

It goes on every Wednesday morning from 8 am to 12 pm until the last Wednesday in August, and is open to the public. This morning I saw lots of yummy produce on offer, including melons, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, and okra. One farmer was even selling beef!

I think it would be great to get the word out on this, as I have seen a lot of posts on these local blogs in the past few years about wanting to bring a farmer's market to the area, yet I had no idea there actually was one!

Sarah N.
Beef! That is pretty cool I think. I'm looking around myself for someone local who does their own bacon or hams for personal consumption so if you know someone send me their information.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

County forum III

Sheriff Jones did not make the forum and while writting my column for next week I found this by accident. I'll let this stand as his public forum.

Note the 'humor' tag before you try to kill me people. This video was put on youtube 4 years ago so even then people did not like the man.

Of course the two sheriff candidates that did show up are here for your viewing needs.


New Gun Show in Murfreesboro

I met local businessman Junior Honeycutt a couple of weeks ago. Like often happens when a couple of fans of the US Constitution get to talking, the topic of guns came up - and I found out I was talking to the newest addition to the middle Tennessee gun show circuit. Not only is Junior a fan of recreational shooting, he's also the organizer behind a new gun show coming to Murfreesboro in the middle of this month. I told him to let me know the details so I could post them - and here they are:

LOCATION: Murfreesboro, TN at the National Guard Armory, 2350 Armory Drive
DATES: Saturday and Sunday, July 17 and 18
TIMES: 9 - 5 on Saturday, 9 - 4 on Sunday
SETUP: Friday at noon. (If you want see if you can get a table, call Junior at 615-424-2288)

Looks like it's definitely worth checking out. Happy hunting!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

County forum II

While videos of the 2010 Candidate Forums are online they had not posted videos for district 9 and 11. On Facebook Rhonda Allen posted the following.
All candidates running for the County Commission were invited by the League of Women Voters to a televised forum on Tuesday. I was prepped and ready to go. My opposition did not attend the event, so unfortunately District 11 was not represented. A "majority" of the candidates had to attend, or else you could not participate. Very disappointing for Smyrna voters.
Now in District 9 Steve Sandlin is running unopposed, but in district 11 we have the following running.
Since Mike Sparks is stepping down as he is running for the position currently held by state Rep. Kent Coleman I really would have liked to hear the candidates speak. More so as I live in this district.