Saturday, May 7, 2016

Proposed Smyrna Budget

It is Saturday and do you know what you should be doing? Reading through the new proposed town budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Yippee! Am I right or what?

The Budget comes in PDF form for those that want to peruse it. Chrome should open it in browser, not sure how IE or MAC will open it. You can of course download it to read later. The document file itself is titled "2016 2017 BUDGET DRAFT 1ST READ", so there might be changes in the future.

The budget was assembled at the April 11th and 12th retreat held at the Town Center. The budget is on the next Town Council Meeting under New Business. I would assume it then will be added to the June Town Council meeting under Old Business. Two votes are required to get things passed is the norm here, but I believe it only allows public comments on old business.

If you have a desire to address the town council on the issue there are three ways to do this. One is to make a statement at the beginning of the meeting. To do this you will need to ask to have your name placed on the agenda the Thursday before hand. This time has passed.

The second way is to address the specific item when it is on the agenda and allows public comments as it is a public hearing.

Example from this months Town Council meeting.
7.    Old Business:   
a.    PUBLIC HEARING: Consideration of an ordinance relative to the rezoning of property     located on Tax Map 33,     Parcel 53, containing approximately 102.5 acres, (requested by Scott     Butler), from R-1 to R-3     and C-2.  Property is located at 3423 Old Rocky Fork Road.  Second     Reading.

The third is to reach out to the individual council members at the email addresses provided on the town website.

I hope this is informative enough to allow you to address any issues with the budget you might have. Good luck.

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