Monday, May 2, 2016

Reading fun

When I was young I loved reading books and the school program at the time was RIF, Reading is Fundamental. Not sure if it is still active, but for every 4 books I read you got to pick a free one from a table to keep. I still remember the Hardy Boys, Robin Hood, and Captain Nemo as being my friends. I'm very happy to tell you about this reading program from the Outdoor Adventure Center.

We’re kicking off Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center’s Recreation and Reading Program—a program designed to get everyone active AND actively reading!  At each “Recreational Reading” Program, we will read, create, and play. 
Today’s two-hour program is all about astronauts. We will have an interactive read-aloud, create a craft related to our book, and then go out in the park and train like an astronaut (so be sure to wear your tennis shoes). Anyone and everyone is encouraged to attend—regardless of age, reading ability, or physical agility.   
Time:   05/21/2016 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM      
Location:  Volunteer Park Volunteer Park Pavilion, 8th Ave.
Reservations are REQUIRED!
Contact Valerie Lay: or call (615) 459-9742 x 2620.

 I'm telling you about this one early because registration is required. I hope there is not a limit, so make a reservation quick please.

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