Monday, June 6, 2016

Group of Interest in Smyrna

Most people know there is a Senior Citizen Center in Smyrna, but most people do not know how much happens there. This is not some group of elderly people just sitting around, but a center that has regular activities, food and trips.

This image shows you just one trip that have arranged for their members,

They also regularly have open houses, auctions for charities and community meals there. To much to put in one post, but you really should check them out as this is what they offer.

The Smyrna Senior Citizens Center stays very busy with various activities that our members take part in each week including Bingo, Dominoes, Ceramics, Bridge, Watercolor, Quilting, Arts & Crafts, Sign Language, Bible Study, Walking, Exercise and Line Dancing.  We have speakers come in several times a month to talk about various subjects and issues that Seniors are interested in.  Our fun extends outside of the Center as well.  Each month, we all come together for a monthly meeting that includes a potluck meal and entertainment. As often as we can, we load our 15 passenger bus for day trips to area attractions throughout Tennessee, go shopping and always to go eat lunch.  We also go on overnight trips that last anywhere from one night to two weeks.  We have visited great places like Colorado, New Orleans, Savannah, Niagara Falls, Myrtle Beach, Tunica/Memphis and Albuquerque.  We have also been on an Alaskan Cruise.

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