Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Groups of Interest

Today's Groups of Interest is Volunteer Rutherford. They are a group that gives you event information, but also tries to show you the many places and causes that you can individually or as a family take part in helping.

Our mission is to build a stronger community through encouraging volunteer service and helping connect the citizens of Rutherford County to opportunities in which they can meet critical needs and make a difference. 
The Volunteer Rutherford website is the most comprehensive resource of charitable organizations in Rutherford County. In addition to a listing of charities and service organizations to connect residents to service that matters to them, the site also has listings of current donation/volunteer needs, non-profit events and a page to celebrate those who serve through our Volunteer of the Week program. 
Volunteer Rutherford is an independent company that has no official affiliation with any specific non-profit organization.  All information on this site is being provided for infomational purposes only.  Please confirm all information with each individual organization and be sure to confirm accuracy of events with the organizations before attending. 
While we will have listings of fundraising events on our event calendar, the Volunteer Rutherford website and FB page are focused strictly on volunteerism and NO DIRECT FINANCIAL ASKS are allowed on the website or FB page.

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