Friday, June 24, 2016


This is something your children might like to look at if they're into trains, or just fun things in general. The Smyrna Public Library is hosting for 2 days a train display and everyone is invited.

NTRAK model trains will be on display in the conference room June 25-26 from 9-5.  
All ages welcome. 
Please note that the library will be closed on Sunday, June 26, except for the display.
I'll admit that I had no idea what an NTRAK model was, so I went to WIKI and they said this...
NTrak is one of several model railroad module standards. It is the most popular standard for use in United States N scale. NTrak allows modellers to participate in a large layout but only invest a small amount of space at their own home. They can interchange their module with any club or group that follows NTrak standards.

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