Thursday, May 29, 2008

38,000 for us

The final Smyrna census numbers are in and we have grown, but La Vergne's numbers are rocky.
According to the town's final special census numbers, more than 38,000 people call Smyrna home.

Tennessee cities have the option of counting residents three times between each 10-year federal census. This year's was the last for Smyrna and La Vergne. The next federal census is 2010.

For several weeks, it appeared La Vergne wouldn't reach its goal of 27,000. In fact, the week before the final count was turned in to ECD, the city had collected less names than it did in 2003. On May 6, a total of 26,427 was submitted to the state for certification.
The Article is on a 'new' layout for the Tennessean/Daily news Journal. Maybe it is my system, but I can barely read it.

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