Sunday, October 7, 2007

Depot Days

Depot Days is just one day this year, and that leaves me a bit in a quandary.

I went to check out how much a table/booth would be. I have had the idea since I first first heard of depot days of setting up a "This is Smyrna, TN." table. Maybe print some fliers and even make a few t-shirts for sale. Kathy showed me how easy it would be to put some graphics on the shirts.

Regretfully they want $50 dollars a booth. Not a big amount, but I'm short of funds right now, and the timing can not be worse.

Options. Do I ask the rich readers(ha ha) of This is Smyrna, TN. to help fund it, or just walk through the crowds handing out some informational fliers?

Any suggestions? I see Depot Days as a chance to let more people know of this website and other connected web pages, and I don't want to miss the opportunity.

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