Thursday, January 4, 2007

Daily News Journal smoking article

The Murfreesboro Daily News Journal, has printed an article on the smoking issue that has become news here in Smyrna. I'm a bit tickled as it parallels my earlier post on this subject.
But if people don't want to battle the smoking environment at Toot's on Sam Ridley Parkway in Smyrna, for example, then they should go somewhere else. Voting with your pocketbook is one of the most effective forms of protest anyway. Eventually, the restaurant would get the message in the form of lost revenue. But so far, we're not seeing many people staying away, apparently because the lure of Toot's wings and burgers is greater than the dread of cigarette smoke.

Would we like to see restaurants offer a nonsmoking area for consumers? Sure, because it makes good business sense and gives people the opportunity to eat without coming out smelling like an ashtray.
As much as we dislike cigarette smoke, including the danger of second-hand smoke and the way it infiltrates clothing, we don't believe our local governments have any business dictating the smoking rules at private businesses.

If people don't like a restaurant where smoking is allowed at every seat, they need to eat at home or go somewhere else. Smyrna has plenty of options these days.
I do believe that this months city council meeting will be eventful .

One comment left under the DNJ article did point to an interesting fact.
This "article" is not clearly marked online as opinion, neither does it indicate if it is an editorial or someone's commentary. Since it is unsigned -- at least online -- one must assume that it is an editorial. However, some readers might take it as news -- the gospel truth -- which it is not.
Newspapers that sound like bloggers. How ironic.

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