Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In the Search of Smyrna, TN

Here's another installment of "In the Search of Smyrna, TN".

In this installment we find that people are searching for "smyrna tennessee water park". I cannot (well I could but I won't) tell you how many people have been coming to this site because of the splash pad. The Gregory Mill Park Splash Pad has been wildly successful. In fact, our fellow contributor, Elizabeth of Harelipfrog, writes:
There has been a counter on the road going into the park and in the first two weeks of operation there have been 6,000 cars go into the park. This has definitely proved to be a popular item.
I might speculate that if Smyrna, TN were to entertain the thought of a water park it would be hugely popular only judging by the amount of searches this site has seen. Folks from other counties have driven here to visit the Gregory Mills Splash Pad and have this to say:

Last week we went to the water park in Smyrna. Sark was a little timid, but I think he had fun. I know he didn’t like the water guns. He thought it was great fun shooting everyone, but when another kid blasted him, he didn’t think it wasn’t so fun.


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