Thursday, July 6, 2006

Middle Tennesseans Are Burning Up The Blogosphere About Right Now

(Because this is a terribly long post and I'd hate to loose it (and yes I know I can save a draft but I like to do things my way), I'm going to upload as I make edits. This picture to the left belongs right here. Looks like we are on the Death Star, doesn't it? I present Freak Exhibit Number 1. Battery dying... husband asleep.... must go.... finish tomorrow)

Or so I thought. I stopped by the Nashville Is Talking site and didn't see much on the aggregator.

Any who. I went to the WKRN Blogger gathering this evening. I don't know whether to brag or feel rather unspecial for having been invited because there were somewhere around about 200 people invited. At the moment, I feel special. I brought along my very special friend, Kathy T., and tried to get our buddy Chip to come out and play as well but we were unable to hook up with him. Kathy makes for a great navigator, by the way. The party began at 5:30 and Kathy and I were a tad bit late. I felt like I was making a jail break when leaving work around 4:40 or so this afternoon. Bad me.

I thought and speculated for several days now on what could be the big announcement. I did not read the NiT blog to find out, which would probably have proven useful, because I've seriously been just too busy learning about the home buying process and looking for houses as of late to pay much attention to things that are going on, well..., not in my world. Except for North Korea, of course. How can you miss six missiles being fired by that strange little guy over there. And while I'm on the subject, did anyone catch the Daily Show with John Stewart? Let me say creamofsomeyoungguy... Hysterical.

Back on topic. There were a number of blogging stars there tonight. That's really the great thing about getting all of these bloggers together, you can't help but feel somewhat famous. I know I did, anyone else? Come on, you can confess anonymously. Among my favorites to see this evening were:

Squirrels on Snark

News Coma
Kerry Woo (he was a super fabulous sweet heart).
No Quarters
Michael (who I spoke to at length - friend of Kerry)
TV on The Fritz (I always want to put him in my pocket and take him home)
I'm About To Be Brilliant
Tiny Cat Pants
The Homeless Guy (to whom I apologized for not knowing his blogging identity and in hindsight realized that it wasn't clear whether I was apologizing for not knowing his blogger identity or because he was/is homeless - odd)
Rex L. Camino (I could almost put him in my pocket and take him home as well)
Kathryn Coble (OMG... we were wearing the same pair of earrings!)

I'm terribly sure that I missed someone important and for that I apologize. You are all important. These are simply people who sparked something in me or whom I have previously met and have some connection with.

So, now the freak show. For reasons that should be clear, I'll refrain from naming some folks in pictures. Call it a game of sorts, you play "who the heck is that".

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