Thursday, July 20, 2006

Snakes on a Plane blogger viewing party

I'm not at ComiCon and won't be attended the Snakes on a Plane panel there...but that still doesnt' mean we can't start to get excited about the movie here in middle Tennessee.

So, several people have expressed interest in getting a group together to check out this modern masterpiece of b-movies when it comes out. I figured it'd be a lot more fun to watch Samuel L Jackson take on an entire planeload of snakes with some friends in a full theater than to go alone.

So, if you're interested, mark the calendar now for Saturday, August 19th. That's opening weekend of Snakes on a Plane and we'll probably do some kind of matinee. Not sure which theater and when, so if you have a preference, let us know in the comments.

I will say I'm leaning toward the new theater in Mt Juliet that Kat Coble has blogged about in the past few weeks.

So, who's in?

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