Monday, July 31, 2006

Soap Update

I called into the Wingin' It Voicemail line Friday night to highlight our efforts to make Snakes on a Plane more interactive. I'm not sure of the recording schedule for the show right now (I know Michael and Evo are busy going to cons and having a life outside of podcasting in July), so I can't say for sure if or when the call might be featured (having not had a voice mail show for a few weeks, they may not be able to squeeze us in any time soon).

But I did send the voice mail and tried to keep it short, so keep your fingers crossed.

Also, I am going to get our podcast done at some point....I'd love to say I've been insanely busy saving the world or something, but really those Buffy season DVDs have been feeding my need to sit around, do nothing and enjoy the hotness that is Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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