Friday, July 14, 2006

Wayne Blair Running for Rutherford County School Board, District 4

In case you didn't know, early voting began today, July 14th and will last until July 29th. The election is August 3, 2006.

Wayne Blair is running for the Rutherford County School Board of District 4.

Mr. Blair is a karate instructor at for the Smyrna Martial Arts Academy which holds classes at the Smyrna Town Center three days a week. According to Mr. Blair's flier,

"I am who I am in large measure because of the quality education I received while attending Rutherford County Schools. Where children are involved we may only have one chance to get it right. The decisions we make today will have a continuing impace on all Rutherford County children."

He goes on to write:

If elected I will...
  • create a professional and cooperative environment with school board members and county commissioners.
  • demand consistent school zones with a socioeconomic balance.
  • research innovative designs that make the building of new facilities more cost efficient.
  • insist that safety in Rutherford County Schools is the top priority.
  • require that taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly.
I have...
  • lived in Rutherford County for 46 years.
  • served as a community representative to various school board committees for three different directors.
  • held the office of president for two local Rotary Clubs and three local Parent Teacher Organizations.
I am...
  • 52 years old.
  • a husband and a father.
  • the vice president of one of Rutherford County's oldest insurance firms, Raborn Insurance.
  • a member of the Smyrna Church of Christ.
  • a graduate of Smyrna High School.
  • the owner of Smyrna Martial Arts.
Ask me about Wayne Blair. He is my karate instructor.

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