Monday, November 6, 2006

Dear Mother of Spoiled Brat

Dear Mother of daughter's friend:

My daughter may wear jeans and a black hoodie but rest assured she does not smoke. As a former smoker, it is easy to detect the smell of smoke on one who does. Since you smoke, you no longer have the capacity to smell.

My daughter cried today because her friend is no longer allowed to talk to her. Seems that you, Mother of daughter's friend, found a cigarette wrapper in daughter's friend's trash and have come to the conclusion that my daughter is somehow to blame. Shame on you, mother of spoiled brat who throws herself onto the floor and spins around in circles if she doesn't get her way. Shame on you for making statements about the clothes that my daughter wears. Have you no other basis by which to prevent your daughter from having contact with mine? You should know that she makes all A's and B's and for the love of Pete and is a VEGETARIAN, which I know that you know. VEGETARIANS care about their health and the environment for crying out loud. If anything, my daughter's friendship with yours should have been a positive thing.

To my decent, non-smoking daughter, I'm sorry there are people like her in the world that will cause you to shed a tear from time to time. Be strong because you are a good person and in time, the real source will reveal itself to your friend's mother and then we will practice forgiveness.

Sorry fellow contributors. I had to let that out.

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