Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Placement of Traffic Lights

We've all driven down Murfreesboro Road between LaVergne and Smyrna. Right after the Sam Ridley Parkway intersection is a road the T's into Murfreesboro Rd., Jefferson Pike. That's a very busy intersection, with people always trying to hop across M'boro Rd. as they turn toward LaVergne. This morning, there was a nasty wreck at that intersection, with two firetrucks, at least six patrol cars, and countless cars slowing down and shifting lanes as required by state law.

Further down the road is a bright, shiny new traffic light that allows streams of cars to safely enter onto Murfreesboro Road from the airport. Only, there are rarely cars at that intersection. I have seen a handful since the light has gone up, but again, it's very rare. I know the traffic light must have been either a price that Smyrna had to pay to get more airport grant money, or it could have been paid by a grant to build that beautiful, but lonely, entrance to the airport.

There are horrible crashes just a jigg up from that light. My concern is that this is a basic problem of government bureacracy - we sometimes get wonderful things, but more times than not, those things would be better used elsewhere. Do you think after all the feds or state officials make their inspections, etc., we could move that light up the road a bit to where it's really needed?

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