Saturday, July 8, 2006

Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Group Meeting Update

It was decided during our last meeting that we would try to have the next Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Group Meeting at Mothership BBQ in Nashville . The date is set for Saturday, July 22nd. Unfortunately we do not have a budget to supply free anything so please bring your appetite and money! Since the Mothership reportedly closes at 2:00 PM, which is the time at which we generally convene, we are shooting for starting the meeting at 11:30 (ish). I will have to wear something really noticeable or perhaps simply set up early. You'll know me when you see a fat chick with microphone and laptop unless...

Dr. Funkenswein or stein acknowledged and approved of our meeting there! Hooray.

Mothership BBQ is located at:
2806 Columbine Place
Nashville, TN 37204

Since our last meeting, a lot has happened. WKRN had a little shindig to announce that they are willing to pay for video. Met many new blogger friends and anticipate Kerry Woo and Michael to show up. These two are utterly cool in my book. I've also been led to believe that an IT recruiter will be joining us. Hooray for networking and creating opportunities, right? By the way, check out the really cool PR WKRN got. Winks to Newscoma and thanks to NiT, especially that darling Kat.

What is the purpose of our gathering? It has always been my goal to network with other bloggers, share knowledge about technology, tools and geekiness so-forth. Often times our discussions go into the political spectrum and on many occasions there are children afoot. In my opinion, one needs to create their own opportunities and that is what I am trying to do with this blog and with the Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Group. I'm all about bringing people together and creating opportunities.

There is a wide spectrum of things we drone on about so something for everyone. In case you didn't read or listen, the Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Group has also sent an open invitation to anyone running for Governor to join us at one of our meet ups. We've interviewed Marivuanna Stout Leinhoff who has interesting thoughts about a Pedophile Island and we hope that others will take us up on the offer to come out and speak. If interested, please let us know by way of comment or feel free to email me at What a tremendous opportunity to reach a community that is well connected and can help spread your message!

The floor is open for discussion now so if you wish to get a topic of conversation on the agenda, please free to do so now.

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