Saturday, July 22, 2006

Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Group Meeting Recap

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I'm recently back from Mothership BBQ in Berry Hill. I gotta tell you folks that Dr. Funkenswein is one handsome fella. And a vthe Mothership ery hard working one. His staff also takes a great deal of pride in their craft.

So, today we got to meet the cast of characters from Aunt B.'s Tiny Cat Pants. It was a real treat to meet the Butcher! Oh what they thought of the fuss we made over them, or I did, rather, I don't know.

I was pleased to see that Christian Grantham and Vince joined us. Them two fellas are so cute, too. And very bright. I enjoyed our conversation and am going to call upon some candidates off the Governor's ballot for our September meeting, Christian. Hope you can make it. Christian actually had dealings in the White House. Wow.

It was also a real treat to see the very adorable Kerry Woo. Thanks for hanging out with us. He's putting a list together of everyone he's dined with at the Mothership BBQ.

Michael of Mashby showed up with his gorgeous wife. Michael.... How'd you manage that? Just kidding. He showed me a really cool site developed with a free blogging tool called Vox. You might want to check it out if you are looking for a change.

Then there was Malia with whom I got to speak with very little but it was terrific to see her there.

John of Salem's Lots came out and hung out with us as well. In fact, he was still there when we were leaving. It was a delight to see you.

Both Gunner of No Quarters and Elizabeth of HarelipFrog were there. It was a pleasure to dine with them as well. I look forward to seeing you in karate class, Elizabeth. I'm glad you decided to come.

The Big O was crazy as ever. I tell you, he has got a wicked sense of humor. Rumor has it that he has a date tonight - so ladies, cry yourself to sleep for he may be off the market very soon.

No party would be complete with out Bad Bad Ivy. She's got a new blog that is by invitation so if you are interested in an invite, please email The site gives away prizes so you might win something.

And I have to save this one for last because of what all has happened to her lately. Kathy T. of the LaVergne, TN blog was there and boy did she have a story to tell. Check out the podcast when our technical director, Michael, gets it loaded. Apparently a lot of City government eyes are on the group community blog of LaVergne, TN. I'm so jealous.

I really missed seeing Kathryn Coble. I forgot to put earrings in this morning so maybe our rhythms were collectively off? Hope you're reading and know we sent you some love.

Rachel, you got a big shout out, too. What's a tank of gas and 12 hours outta your day, woman? Of course, I'm not serious. Missed you, though.

It was decided that our next meeting will skip the podcast in lieu of the Snakes on a Plane Blogger's Viewing Party. Christian came up with a great idea that we would all get together and come up with some shout out phrases. You know, like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you are interested in participating in the shout out phrase activity, post your shout out phrases on the Snakes on a Plane post.

When we decide on a location and time, we will post it. The date will be August 19th.

I'm going to upload my pics to flickr.

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